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Is There a Race or Ski Center that Encourages Use of Biodegradable Waxes?

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    I was encouraged to see that it seems Swix now also offers biodegradable waxes.   At the same time, there seems to be more and more research out there that’s finding negative environmental and health effects of synthetic waxes.   Just wondering if there’s any race (or a xc center) that somehow encourages environmentally-friendly waxes?  (I could imagine something as simple as just putting an asterick besides someone’s name on the race results, but it’d be great if there was actually a “green” race out there.)

    Related, I wonder if there’s any ski center that somehow encourages car-pooling? (e.g., discounted tickets for car-poolers), or a team that actually limits the air travel they do?   Without doing an exhaustive study, it’s a safe bet that these two things (travel, and use of flouro’s) likely dwarf all other negative effects on the environment from skiers’ personal actions.    It’s a little disappointing that they seemed to be brushed aside, or not mentioned at all, when the topic of “green-ness” comes up…


    D. Diehl

    I agree with you completely. As skiers we get jaded and pursue this sport with zeal and perhaps turn a blind eye to our actions. I’ve many times skied on a golf course with 5″ of snow either skiing in my own classic tracks or skate tracks rather than making the 1.5 hr. round trip drive to a groomed xc center. I feel I’m doing my very little part. I think I saw Crafstsbury was holding a race requiring no participants using Fluoro powder or spays. They have also decided not to do long single loop races or point to point races in favor of shorter multi lap races to reduce the carbon foot print in grooming longer courses. From the pics on this site I’ve seen Craftsbury’s has solar panels. Kind of cool seeing a xc center trying to make a difference. If all races at all levels required the use of environmentally friendly waxes I think it would be a step in right direction.  Just think there would doping controls and waxing controls as well at races. I oftened wondered how the USBA enforced flouro free races domestically.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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