Week With High Training Volume Concludes Canadian Team’s Park City Camp

FasterSkierSeptember 29, 2003

The Canadian Cross Country National Team ended their three week training camp in Park City, Utah on Sunday September 28th with a high volume week.

A 7 hour long bike ride and a 6 hour hike were on the agenda for those who did the longest option on both long days.

Each individual decided how long they wanted to make these days and a few of the guys did the entire bike ride. They started in Evanston, Wyoming, went up a big 2+ hour climb to Bald Mountain on Mirror Lake Highway, and then back down the other side to the camp headquarters in Deer Valley/Park City, Utah. A nice (but) tough ride.

Fasterskier.com joined the team for hill-bounding/ski striding intervals w/poles near the Mountain Dell reservoir on Saturday. Two to four minute long intervals were on the agenda, at hard to very hard efforts.


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