Norwegian Men’s Team: Focus on Technique Progress

FasterSkierNovember 4, 2003

The Norwegian Men’s team has under new coach Krister Sorgard's guidance systematically worked to improve technically. They will continue with technique work toward the upcoming World Cup races at Beitostolen.

Sorgard explains:
“We have worked hard to improve the skier’s technique in both skating and classic. We started this summer and I think it’s looking good”.

Some time has been used on classic, but it’s especially in skating they have focused on improving. The goal has been to reach the same high max VO2 is skating as the skiers can reach when running. That has not been the case (until now) and optimal efficient technique is of utmost importance in order to succeed.

“We are using quite a bit of video when we do technique work. We even use video while rollerskiing on the treadmill at the Norwegian Sport College/Training Center. Technique is a lot about feeling. We are helping the skiers to get the right feel for skating”.

 Sorgard says that they have worked on most every possible technical detail, but is highlighting some of the more important details in skating.

“We have focused a lot on adding more motion in the hip joint. It was previously too static. We need more motion in the hip in order for the hip to turn in the direction of travel. This is especially important in uphills and in the transition from flats to uphill. We are also trying to ski in relaxed positions, falling naturally forward and to not ski to deep (with deep knee bends)”.

The skiers have all done three MaxVo2 treadmill tests at theSport College. These were done in May, August and October. Soregard states that that they saw clear progress, but won’t go into further details.

“I have told the skiers that I will consider making the numbers public (knowledge) at Beitostloen. We need to let them race first”.

Sorgard is looking forward to see if technical progress will show up as progress on the result list as well.


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