Friday morning Birkie wax update

FasterSkierFebruary 20, 2004

Friday morning Birkie wax update from SOLDA/Team TorbjornSport:

Former National Team skier and two time Olympian Justin Wadsworth report Friday morning after testing.

“It's 3-4 inches of new snow and still snowing. The temperature is 28-29 F.

It looks like the overnight temperature will drop to high teens and race start temperature will be around 22 F.

High during the race should be 26-28 F (at the most).

For those waxing with SOLDA wax, Justin offered his own selections:

My HPO5 skis tested out very good. I liked finer structure better than medium even with the warm temperature this morning.

My wax will be:

Pair #1: Base of SOLDA F-31 Violet and Orange mixed (two layers). Top layer SOLDA HPO5 Powder heated in with “hot” iron.

Pair #2: Base of SOLDA F-31 Violet and Pink mixed (two layers). Top layer SOLDA Warm Fluor Powder mixed with SOLDA HPO5 powder heated in with “hot” iron”


Enjoy your race,


Justin Wadsworth



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