Denmark Is the World’s #1 Bike Country

FasterSkierAugust 8, 2004

You don’t bike in Denmark to experience mountains and grueling hills. Being flat as a pancake and with an enormous network of bike-trails makes it a great place for easy and relaxing biking. Go there on your own or bring the family, Denmark is known to many as the World’s number-one bike country.

Commuters don’t drive to the train station, they bike. I didn’t see any car parking lots close to the downtown Copenhagen railroad station but counted 2000 bikes parked neatly outside. (Yes, I did count) — 40 racks of 50 bikes. 1000 bikes to the left and 1000 to the right. There were also bike taxis and free inner city bike rentals in the downtown area. My next business venture should however be very successful. That’s when I can convince the Danes to use and buy bike helmets from TorbjornSport! I only saw one group of tourists wearing helmets during the five days of my visit. Also a word of caution, late night bikers might be drunk-bikers, but I prefer those to drunk drivers.

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