Norwegian Team Selection For October World Cup In Düsseldorf

FasterSkierSeptember 17, 2004

The ski season is quickly getting closer. Here is the Norwegian team selection for the World Cup opener in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The sprint races in Düsseldorf will be held October 23 and 24. Individual sprint and sprint relay is on the agenda.

The Norwegian results in Düsseldorf last year were not great. Best male skier in the individual race was 9th for the men, and Marit Bjorgen lost her only World Cup sprint race last year and ended up in 5th. The relays went better with victory for the women and third for the men’s team.

– We are hungry for revenge after losing lots of valuable World Cup points there last season, says Bjornar Hakensmoen on behalf of the Norwegian team. He doesn’t want a repeat performance that also included slow skis.

– More sprint races are held in cities and we need to focus on the different snow types you can experience in city areas. We should be better prepared for that this season.

The team has been selected based upon last season’s results.

HÃ¥vard Bjerkeli,
Tor Arne Hetland,
Trond Iversen
John Kristian Dahl
Bœrre Næss
Arve Skåren
Krister Trondsen
Johan Kjœlstad

Hilde G. Pedersen
Marit Bjœrgen
Vibeke Skofterud
Ella Gjœmle
Ingrid Narum

1-3 more skiers might be added after the next camp in Meraker

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