Oberstdorf Worlds: Bookmaker Odds On The Women’s Pursuit — Bjorgen The Big Favorite

FasterSkierFebruary 18, 2005

Source: Langrenn.com

Here are British oddsmaker Ladbrokes odds on Saturday’s women’s 7.5 + 7.5 kilometer pursuit race. Norwegian Langrenn.com’s patriotic suggestion is to put your money on 40-year old Norwegian skier Hilde Gjermunshaug Pedersen at odds 13.0 (a $1 bet will pay $13 if she wins). This would be Pedersen’s first ever World Championship gold.

Gjermundshaug was very impressive at the Norwegian championship a couple weeks ago and crushed Marit Bjorgen. Bjorgen is however Ladbrokes favorite and only given 2.60 odds ($1 bet will give back $2.60 if she wins).

Thursday’s 10-kilometer freestyle winner Katerina Neumanova odds are 5.50 and runner up Kristina Smigun 6.0.

Hometown favorite Claudia Kuenzel at odds 15.0, has struggled with sickness, but might start tomorrow, but we believe that she is set back too much to be able to fight in the top.

There are no odds on North American skiers Beckie Scott, Sara Renner, Tara Whitten, Milaine Theriault Wendy Wagner or Rebecca Dussault.

Odds on other skiers:

Tchepalova 7.0, G. Paruzzi 13.0, NB.Masoikina 13, O.Savialova 17, S.Valbusa 17.0, EM Abruzova 26, V.Kuitunen 34, Schevechenko 34, RL.Lassila 41 , Steira 41, Malahova 51


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