Oystein Pettersen ran naked in Düsseldorf

FasterSkierOctober 30, 2006

“The Sausage” kept his word after a bet and ran naked in the main finish area after the race. See link to the photo!


Some excerpts:

– I got an ultimatum that I’m either in or I’m not in. I just hope that nobody was offended by this, but it’s never going to happen again, says “The Sausage” to VG Nett.

The sprinter was second in Saturday’s race and after another second place this time in the teamsprint, Pettersen stripped off his clothes and ran naked up the entire finish stretch — the section where most people are gathered.

– I don’t know if it was worth it, but I would have caught lots of grief from the boys if I had not done it. Tor Arne Hetland is the boss here, and when he says I have to do it then I have to.

Petteresen ran the entire stretch with both hands around his private parts I order to prevent damage from snow and ice that flew in every direction when he ran.

– I don’t think I have ever run this fast. But it was at least here in Düsseldorf and not in Kuusamo at minus 20 Celsius for example, said Petteresen.

Northug ensures that none of the other skiers new that Pettersen was going to do it in front of thousands of spectators.

– It’s a bold place to run naked, said Marit Bjorgen. She was being interview by a newspaper when Petteresen sprinted by totally nude.

Pettersen also claimed that the race was the highlight of the day and underlined that he meant the actual race and not his in the nude sprint in front of thousands of German spectators.

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Source: Langrenn.com


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