Take “AIM”! Maximize Your XC Skiing Experience

FasterSkierOctober 21, 2006

It is not very often that you see big changes in a relatively small sport such as cross country skiing. However, with the help of two well known master skiers, a new opportunity will be offered to the public to enhance the enjoyment of the sport.

Jim Fredericks, coach, racer, and former Nordic race director for Rossignol Ski Company examined a coaching technique that has been relatively ignored by the Nordic environment. Coming from a background in video production, Fredericks incorporated a computer analyzation program that is currently being used by many of the world’s top athletes in various sports. Teaming up with Jon Engen, 3 time Olympian and 8 time world master champion, the two have developed a teaching method called AIM (an acronym for Athletic Imagery Method).

Jon.Engen@olympian.org or call 208-726-5884

Registration deadline is 11/20/06 or first 30 applicants.