Chaotic 2007 Vasaloppet

FasterSkierMarch 4, 2007

The 2007 Swedish Vasaloppet was a chaotic affair. A snowfall made it very difficult to get away and the (huge) pack stayed together way too long. The breakaway didn’t happen until the last 6 kilometers.

“The race was a joke. Way too many were able too stay with the lead group too long,” said second place finisher, Jerry Ahrlin of Sweden.

The other two on the podium agreed”

“It was too bad that we got new snow today. The race ended up as a cruise trip. It was chaotic with this many skiers in the lead pack,” said the winner Oskar Svärd of Sweden.

“It was especially the second best skiers in the pack that created problems,” claimed Svärd.

“Too many of those (not being used to being with the leaders) were very stressed, and every position for them seemed to be”life or death”. That creates problems,” said Svard.

Third place finisher Jœrgen Aukland said that the organizers should have had for-runners. The new snow made for incredible suction for the front skiers and made it almost impossible to break away.

“It was too bad. It was probably fun for the second best skiers since they got glazed, fast tracks, but it was very difficult to be in the front,” said Aukland.

“Why couldn’t they have sent out some skiers ahead of the start or let some be towed behind a snowmobile,” asks Aukland.

And the organizers admitted that it was discussed what to do with the new snow. But they agreed to start the race without doing anything to the tracks.

“We understand how it was for those in the front and those at the tail-end and what they went through,” said the organizers at the post race press conference.

Top 10 men:

Vasaloppet – Mora – 2007

1 04:43:40 Oskar Svärd Ulricehamns IF
2 04:43:42 Jerry Ahrlin Östersunds Skidlöparekl
3 04:44:05 Jörgen Aukland Norway
4 04:44:05 Jörgen Brink IFK Umeå
5 04:44:07 Rikard Andreasson IFK Mora SK
6 04:44:42 Fredrik Östberg Falun/Borlänge SK
7 04:44:43 John Kristian Dahl Norway
8 04:45:00 Anders Hallingstad Norway
9 04:45:00 Erik Eriksson IFK Mora SK
10 04:45:07 Raul Olle Estonia

Top 10 women:

Vasaloppet – Mora – 2007

1 04:48:29 Elin Ek IFK Mora SK
2 04:50:42 Jenny Hansson Östersunds Skidlöparekl
3 04:53:15 Lara Peyrot Italy
4 04:53:32 Sandra Hansson Uddevalla IS
5 04:57:22 Nina Lintzén Högbo AIK
6 05:04:22 Maria Magnusson IK Hakarpspojkarna
7 05:14:54 Inger Lise Vestlund IFK Mora SK
8 05:17:31 Gunvor Landsem Norway
9 05:20:06 Alessandra Rigamonti Italy
10 05:20:09 Emma Engstrand Stora Tuna IK Skidklubb

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