The Snow for Prague is Ready…

FasterSkierDecember 21, 2007

Although there is no snow in the historical center of Prague and the weather forecast doesn't show any change for the next couple of days, the organizers of the Viessmann FIS Tour de Ski Stage and E.ON Prague Ski World Cup race at Hradcanske square on December 30th are optimistic: We have enough snow for the race!

During last month, they produced 3500 cubic meters of artificial snow at the resort of Horní Vltavice. “Only” 2500 cubic meters are needed to cover the course of 450 meters for the freestyle sprint competitions.

“Thanks to the freezing weather, we don't have a big problem with snow production,” says the organizing committee chair Katerina Neumannova.

The organizers produce some 20 centimeters every night. “Today, we have more snow than we need for the race and we continue to produce in the next few days so we will still have some back-up,” adds the organizing committee vice-chairman Ludek Saska.

On December 27th, 60 big trucks will bring the snow to Prague where it will be loaded in smaller vehicles to get to the course which is situated in the historical center of the Czech capital city. The non-traditional site for the race brings some specific conditions for the organizers – the preparation of the course and support facilities may not start until December 27th.

And what to expect on the 30th? The 1km sprint will take place on the Hradcanske square on the 450 meter course. The start will be situated close to the stands of Presidential guards who will hold their parade near the course.

All the backstage, including changing rooms, will be situated in Trautmandorf Palace which used to be a prison. Admission for spectators is free of charge.

Source: FIS


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