¡Nieve en Argentina!

FasterSkierMay 21, 2008

For the first time since the austral winter of 2002, nordic skiing is beginning in May near Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Thanks to a few small snows and a recent huge dump, there are “at least 40 centimeters in the lowest parts, a meter in most parts,” at the Francisco Jerman Ski Area, according to local skier and Club Andino Ushuaia member, Sebastián Menci.

When the same May snow happened in 2002, nordic skiing lasted through October in the southern Argentine region. The August Marchablanca took place that year amongst stunning conditions on new snow that stayed in powder form and blanketed the Valley of Tierra Mayor. The Francisco Jerman area even had a small, extra loop groomed just because there was so much snow.

Scheduled for July 30th through August 18th, the Tierra del Fuego Nordic Ski Festival offers skiers a period of skiing in the region on over 40+km of daily, Pisten Bully groomed terrain all located near 300 meters above sea level and among the southernmost old-growth forest on the planet. Packages start as low as US$100 per skier per night with two meals, daily ground transport, waxing equipment, trail fees, and guide support. See www.skifire.com for details. Skifire can also help with finding the best possible airfares.

More information and help with skiing in Tierra del Fuego is available through Matt Muir at Skifire Inc., visit www.skifire.com or email Matt at matt@skifire.com.


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