4 Days ‘Til Winter

FasterSkierNovember 16, 2009

We’re four days out from West Yellowstone- it’s about time.  And for the first time in a few years, it sounds like there is plenty of snow waiting for us.  I’ve been watching their webcam for the last week or so- yea, maybe a little weird but if you can’t be present for the first snow fall of the season, keeping it in a constant state of refresh online is probably the next best thing.

This will be my first time back to West in a few years- I had to cancel a flight out there junior year at Middlebury because they didnt have snow.  We lucked out and got dumped on at Mont Ste. Anne that year.  Last year I didn’t even try buying a ticket- the races went off out there albeit on the plateau.  Again- we got lucky in the east at a little known, pretty obscure, and just straight up weird place called Salmon Hills in NY.

It feels good that the waiting game with winter is over for this year’s Thanksgiving camp.  I’m not packing rollerskis- and that always feels pretty dam good.  Four to go until we get snow underfoot and that nice reminder of why we’ve been logging so many hours on cold and rainy roads.  Racing Season is here!

-Yesterday’s conditions at Rendezvous-

Yesterday's conditions at Rendezvous