A Good Race for Me…first top 40 WC

BrianMarch 14, 2010

Post Race, Dry Clothes, Eating, Drinking, Smiling….Good Day

Some pictures of the actual race today would be nice.  I would really like one on one of the bigger climbs out there where one of the fans was dressed as a moose and break dancing on the side of the trail.

My goal today was top 40 and I finished 39th, a strong result for me.  Awesome race out there today.  It was pretty sweet.  Mike, James and I had a US train going for parts of the race.  Lots of USA cheers out there.  Tons of cheers by name too. Crazy fans.

I felt good.  Avoided any major cramping in the legs, although I did have a bit in the triceps.  I have been working on skiing more relaxed and it is making a big difference.

We were allowed 3 ski exchanges.  That was nice, the fresh skis were the fastest for sure.  I raced on two new pairs of Salomon from Bertrand.  My boards felt competitive with the group I was with.

Wish I could have hung on the pack, it strung out pretty early.  Huge
slinky effect in the back.  I had to walk up some of the first climbs only to hammer over the top to catch back up.   Later in the race,  I tried to bridge to other groups but it is so much more work up front.  I skied a conservative race after blowing up pretty good in the 15km in Canmore.

Had quite the battle with the Finn out there.  He was all over my skis on the uphills.  At one point is was so bad that I actually tripped and fell on the uphill.  I am still not sure how that happened.  We did switch pulls and work together.  He got away when we were skiing in a pack with a Swiss guys and I couldn’t close.

Ran a bit with some speeds. Rolling, stretching, ice bath. Time to get ready to sprint.

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