Update from Switzerland

Red Group RacingApril 2, 2010

It’s been a little bit since we’ve had an update to the site, but it’s been with good reason.  This spring has been a little different than how it normally goes. Instead of Lindsey heading off to ski one more series of ski races, we headed to Switzerland for a couple weeks of travel and what has turned out to be some incredibly amazing training.

The first week of travel in Switzerland was an adventure with Katadyn, a company that Dan represents for sales in the Mid-west and included some fantastic ALPINE skiing in Grindlewald. Despite the weather being incredibly warm (we’re not complaining) and the snow being a little soft, it was still skiing in Switzerland and there isn’t much that beats it. Leave it to Lindsey to overachieve by making a ski trip to the Alps here first time on downhill equipment in 3 years.

The second week has been amazing, and we catch our flight back to the U.S. (back to reality) in the morning. From Grindlewald we hopped a quick train down to Interlaken and spent three nights enjoying our favorite city on the trip. The trail running in this town is absolutely over the top. We stumbled onto a network of trails the first morning out called the Wander Weg. The Wander Weg is a network of trails that covers most of Switzerland and Austria. The trails connect all of the small towns in the mountains and have some incredible terrain…i.e. CLIMBING!!! We ran different segments every day running a little over 2 hours each day. While that may not seem like a relaxing vacation to most folks, it was exactly what we wanted and if your on this website, you’d most likely enjoy it just as much.  The rest of the trip has gone by pretty fast, we are running hard everyday, because thats what we do…and hopping trains all over the country.

Once we get home then our schedule picks up pretty quickly.  Dan’s first trail marathon of the year, and first trail race back since knee surgery is 2 weeks from tomorrow.  Lindsey’s headed back to work at the Marquette Baking Company (and anxious to try some things picked up in Switzerland) and will be training like crazy for her marathon debut at Grandmas in June.


The Swiss know how to carbo-load!

Day 1 of skiing in Grindlewald.

Extreme tobogganing! This would never fly in the U.S. Took an hour 15 to get down

the mountain and hitting over 25 miles an hour at some points. No waivers signed, no helmets.

Day 2 of skiing in Grindlewald.

Par for the course on the Wander Weg. Trails either went up or down and either way the view was intense.

Typical intersection on the Wander Weg. Complete with average hiking times.

Refueling after back to back O.D. runs. Coffee Creme and apple-filled goodness.

Climbing in Chur, trail running outside Switzerland’s oldest city.

The best way we found to refuel for the next day of playing in Switzerland.