Work on 5th FIS Tour de Ski begins

FasterSkierApril 22, 2010

“After the season is before the season” was the motto for more than 20 representatives of the organizing committees and representatives of Infront Sports and Media who conducted a debrief on the fourth edition of the Viessmann FIS Tour de Ski performance by Craft Sportswear in Munich on 15th April.

A detailed review including results from surveys with different stakeholder groups and discussions on several topics like marketing & promotion, accommodation as well as accreditation and logistics were held to make sure that improvements will be effected so that the next edition of the Tour will be even more successful than the last one.

“The Tour de Ski is definitely going in the right direction. We can be proud of the TV ratings, amazing online interest and number of spectators on site, but we also realize that we still have space to develop further. The Tour de Ski already delivers high value to the sport of Cross-Country Skiing – it is the new premium product after the Olympic Games and the FIS World Championships. But to achieve the status of a premium brand we have to continue to work together with the National Ski Associations. At the same time, the FIS Cross-Country Committee and the Sub-Committees have the task to develop the Tour rules further and make a logistically easy and interesting Tour calendar,” explained Jürg Capol, FIS Cross-Country Race Director.

Source: FIS


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