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FasterSkierMay 16, 2010

Last week was pretty crazy (as far as hospital visits go…). So here’s a quick recap.

Tuesday: down to the Mayo Clinic for the super-special-MRI test.

Wedesday: back down to the Mayo to hear the results and have a consult with the vascular surgeon.
In a nutshell, the super-special MRI was very helpful. They could finally pinpoint the spot in my leg where the blood vessles were being squeezed shut, and I was offered a surgery to release the artery (which is what they tried to do last year, but the surgery the Mayo is offering a different procedure. they would go in from the side of my leg instead of behind my knee). Functional Popletieal Entrapment Syndrome (aka PAES) is such a tricky thing to fix, so the surgery isn’t a guarentee BUT there has been success with this procedure in the past. The doctor would only do one leg at a time, and he would only do the 2nd leg if the first one showed signs of the surgery being successful.
I didn’t make any decisions about surgery right then and there, I went home to think things through.

Friday: Stitches were removed from my thumb, and x-rays were taken. AND good news! the thumb joint is fusing nicely! so at least tha seems to be headed in the right direction for a change!
So then I called Mayo because I decided I want to go ahead with surgery.
I haven’t done any hard workout since Febuary, and my legs only seem to be getting worse. It would be awesome to be able to make another Olympic team, but if I don’t I am OK with that. I just want to be able to use my legs and do the things I love. I want to be able to do the Birkie when I am older, I want to go for runs in the woods, I want to jump in some triathalons… So now I am waiting to hear back from the Mayo to see when I can get in.

BUT I did manage to fit in some more cooking videos… check out my HOLEY MOLE PIE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twCjYTnWr44

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