Club Med for JackedUp

FasterSkierJuly 25, 2010

My place of Work

Going out for a ride in the 100degr heat breathing copious amounts of dust and diesel exhaust.

Using the “Ergominator” Never nearly enough

Shelter close by
Since May I have been at a place as close to Club Med as I will ever get. I am some where in Afghanistan taking care of Service Members while running a Troop Clinic and also doing Anesthesia in my off time.
As the summer progresses the heat and dust have become quite oppressive. Lately my resolve to train has floundered, although seem to be going through a revival. The end is coming near. Currently, riding a donated at least 45 lb armoured mtn bike. Most of the time wearing a particulate mask. Have been able to start a small but dedicated Kettlebell Training Group. We have had multiple torture sessions with the Guru, Anthony Diluglia.
The lodging here is 4 star with tons of awesome food, laundry service, and countless other amenities. For the last month I even have a private area in a tent. Luckily the people here have been amazing. The Unit I am assigned to have gone to great lengths to make me feel welcomed and taking care of me even building a custom stand for the “Ergominator” and . When at the Hospital, the Staff there have taken excellent care of me. A great place to work and spend time at a new home with quality people.
It has been both sobering and honor to take care of Service Members who not only completely dedicate their lives, but at times give life and limb for their Country. To uphold and protect the American way of life.

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