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Avatar h a l e y j o h n s o nFebruary 5, 2011
I had higher hopes for feeling good today in the Mixed Relay after yesterday’s Sprint, but my legs had another idea. Even though its a short course and a short race, only 6km total and the 2km loop took a little over 5 minutes, I wasn’t able to nail down the rhythm in shooting and skiing. Regardless, every race is a challenge and good practice for the next one. Plus, its a Relay and the Team put in a great effort. And to even top that the crowd loudly cheering for the US Team was unparalleled today.  Tomorrow’s Pursuit will be fun and its a good way finish off the week in Presque Isle. 
USBA’s Press Releases from Presque Isle •••••
A view of the range, finish area, stands and lodge after zero.
The women’s field moments after the start.
Jeremy anchored the team and brought us back within “flower” contention with Sweden.
Just got this photo from my aunt in Switzerland where my family was watching the race on Eurosport. That’s my cousin Aleksander’s hand pointing to me when Sara tagged off. 
It looks a little sparse from the view, but the vast majority of the crowd crammed on the other side to watch the range, tag zone and finish.
Men’s and Women’s Pursuit races are tomorrow: 10am and 12pm.



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