St Moritz – Fat Tuesday

Garrott KuzzyMarch 8, 2011

Gruesech Miteinan!  The jet lag is setting in quickly as I write this, but the St Moritz sun is keeping me awake as it shines through my window surrounded by blue skies and snowy mountains.

Today is Day One of the CXC Masters Team Engadin trip.  I am joined on the adventure by two of our Masters Team members, Don Becker and Jim Michler.  Perhaps, in fact, I am the one joining them.  I am slowly nursing myself back to health after a recent appendectomy and have been trying to keep up with Jim and Don ever since we got on the plane to Zurich yesterday afternoon.  So far, everything has gone according to plan, and in fact, exceeded expectations: skis and luggage are with us, the weather could not be better, and our hotel, Hotel Sonne, is sandwiched right between St Moritz and the Engadin ski trail.  Thanks Gus for finding us the sweetest digs in town!

Don, Jim, and gear

Enjoy the photos from Day 1 of our adventure and stay tuned for daily updates of our exploits.

This was the scene promised to us by the propaganda in the Zurich train station. . .

Fortunately, the trip to St Moritz didn’t disappoint!

We weren’t the only ones infatuated by the breathtaking scenery.  Even the locals could appreciate the beauty of their own country.

Usually, when we travel though Europe for ski racing, we travel by van along the Autobahn.  The Rhaetische Bahn from Chur to St Moritz was a welcome change of scenery.

Just in case anyone forgot who was Number 1 on this trip, Don reminded us when we checked into our rooms.  Room number: 1.  Our hostess Samantha made sure everything was dialed.  Ski room: check.  Wax room: check.  Boot drying room, wax benches, iron: check, check, check.  Hot tub and sauna. . .we’re still waiting on those.

Today’s been a great start to the adventure.  The sun has set and it’s time for dinner!  Stay tuned for more. . .

Garrott Kuzzy

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