Spray Drag Race + Frozen Thunder!

Pate NeumannOctober 16, 2011

Well 31:32 was my time from last year, and 30:30 was my goal for this year. I stopped the clock at 30:30.8.  That’s pretty neat! I knew it was going to be a challenge to knock over a minute off my previous time, but looking at the results and seeing 30:30 was a good feeling! I guess I had a pretty good gauge of where my fitness was at!

Yesterdays race went very smoothly. We started out at a medium pace, and brought the speed up as we climbed closer and closer to the top of the gap. Devon put in a surge when we hit the gravel and Ivan followed. Nish, Kev and I formed our own little group until Nish put in another surge and dropped Kev and I. Kev and I used our distance power to “sprint” to the finish. Overall an awesome morning! Stef did a wicked job organizing the event. Thanks to all those non Academy athletes for coming out and joining in the fun!

Full Results Here

Check out more pictures from the CNSC website!

 Kev and I battling it out to the finish
Photo: Matt Wylie
As the day went on it got even better. Instead of strapping on my rollerskis for a recovery workout, I headed up to the Nordic Centre and explored the ~2km of amazing skiing that is Frozen Thunder! The Canmore Nordic Centre has really outdone themselves this year!
Frozen Thunder!
Photo: Marlis Kromm
Marlis and Jess
And what is a blog post without a video?!? Here is a poorly edited, very shaky video filmed with my phone of my first ski of the season at the Nordic Centre. That’s right… October 15th baby! Warning: it might make you jealous if you don’t live in Canmore. Or it might just make you dizzy and pass out from the shakiness… but hey, I warned you 🙂

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