XCFeedsOur Thanksgiving ski towards Old Faithful

Avatar EvanNovember 24, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We’re thankful for so many things out here: great family support, great team dynamic, great skiing, great living situation… the list goes on!
And the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie was that we got to add another memory to the ever-expanding list. Dev, Ryley and I decided to try our luck with the Yellowstone Park road, and we were not  disappointed!
The start of our ski was on glazed hardpack, the result of park ranger SUVs, snowmobiles, and a little freeze-thaw cycle. We were afforded incredible views of the surrounding mountains, as you can see in this video (apologies for the tilting!)

At the 7-Mile Bridge over the Madison River we were warned not to disturb the trumpeter swans. Sure enough, there were four swimming in the river right in front of us. 

We skied in front of the Sun Valley crew, then eventually pulled slightly ahead and saw almost no one for the rest of the ski.

Herds of elk and buffalo grazed on the vegetation that still pushed up through the snow. Pretty cool.

We made it 17 or 18 miles out, within 13 or 14 miles of Old Faithful. After an excursion down into Firehole Canyon (video below!) we returned, skiing over a lot of pavement that the hot sun had exposed while we were out there. Here’s a commemorative selfie at about mile 32.

Thanks to everyone who has made this trip and this team possible! We’ll keep you posted as camp continues.



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