Sprint Relay Pictures

Sverre CaldwellNovember 25, 2011

This morning we hosted the Peru Relays in order to work off some of our Thanksgiving dinner.
Temps were rising quickly into the low 40’s.
After a good warm up, we formed three teams of three.
each skier skied 1.2 km before tagging off.
Everyone had to do 4 “legs”.
Austin, Eric and Erika led off.
Erika skied consistently with all 4 legs within 6 seconds of each other.
Gino, sporting his Rocky Mtn tights.
Natalie sporting her Dartmouth muscle shirt.
Izzy tries to hold off Tyler.
Eric rounds the “garden corner”.
Austin zips around the “woodpile corner”.
Karina teamed with Austin and Tyler for the win.

Annie storms up the hill.

That was tough.
Erika tags Gino.
Timers shack.

Post race pose, with teams below.


Sverre Caldwell

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