Christmas then a whole lot of sick!

Pate NeumannJanuary 13, 2012

This will be a recap of my Christmas mostly through pictures!
Sunrise in Vernon!
Our coaches are incredibly efficient waxers. Imagine having to race wax this many skis?!

The travel gnome at Valleyview Cabin in Rossland. It has been signed by many skiers over the years!

Mens 15km Skate podium in Rossland. Kev, Brent, Graeme, Pate
Woman’s 10km Skate podium in Rossland. Alysson Marshall 2nd, Kate Brennan 5th

Ski touring above Rossland.

 Peter Moffet teaching me the basics.
Moving on to Wheeler Hut in Rogers pass with Emma, Phil and Kate
 Emma about to head out.
Wheeler Hut with our big crew of 24 Canmorons.
Lots of snow

Breaking trail as we head up.

Andrew, Annika and Phil climbing steady 
Macx and Andrew
Greg Thompson, our fearless leader.

Some of the crew.
The drying room at Wheeler Hut. Packed.
 Moving onto Christmas Eve back home in Ontario!
My mom, the Neumann kids and my cousin Mads dressed to impress on Christmas morning.

My brother Sam and his latest musical instrument from Santa.
Christmas at Dads!

Out for a humid and snowy ski at home!
Palgrave on a beautiful morning!
So that wraps up my Christmas post! Now onto the “whole lot of sick” part of the title. I bet you are all wondering how I am doing in Whistler? Well, I am surviving but I am going to nap first and then bring everyone up to speed on my health. So go back and enjoy the pictures, and I will have another update ready in a few hours! Promise!
Thanks for checking in!

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