Dialing In Level 3

July 14, 2012
 We’ve got a busy weekend ahead!  This morning our whole team – SMST2 and our summer training group – headed over to the town of Stratton for a L3 time trial.  The course we used climbs steadily up through Stratton and up towards Grout Pond, levels at the top and heads downhill for 2k.  The skiers spin at Grout Pond and returns back to the top of the hill.  The J2s did a slightly shorter course, but still had plenty of climbing.   Neal and Adam (above) were the first skiers on course!  
This afternoon, our team is hosting an Intro to Rollerski clinic at Hapgood Pond at 4pm.  More info is available on the NENSA website.  If you’re in the area and want to come get some technique help and run through some drills with our SMST2 athletes, SMS athletes, & coaches, come on over!  Cookout to follow afterwards – bring something to grill and snack on.  Clinic is free!  Parking at Hapgood is $5/car.  
If you missed it below, check out the news about the T2 Foundation, our new title sponsor for our elite team!  Check out their website and Facebook page for more information.
 Ana crests the hill heading into Stratton. 
 Tess V1ing up a steeper climb.
 Tegan letting it flow up at the top.
 Eric – focused. 
 Skyler knows where the camera is. : ) 
 Our three senior boys: Gino… 
 …and Hamish. 
Calvin – future SLU freshman!
 SMST2 team ladies – Jessie…
…and Erika.
 Issy bringing it home. 
 Kate came down from Hanover to join us today! 
Jessie, Eric, and Andy (hiding Sophie & Erika) cool down together after the workout.  

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