Canmore Sprint

Noah HoffmanOctober 26, 2012

Today was the Frozen Thunder Classic Sprint Race put on by Cross Country Canada. It was professionally run and super well organized.

I didn’t ski as well as I have in the past. The top 16 skiers from the individual start preliminary round went on to compete in head to head heats. I finished 17th in the preliminary round.

When I learned I didn’t qualify, I did a bounding intensity workout by myself (because I couldn’t, of course, get on the snow.) I did 8 by 3 minutes building from fairly easy to hard. My energy wasn’t great. It was not a very productive workout.

After the bounding intensity, I got to watch the end of the sprint race. Here are a bunch of pictures:

Erika Flowers and I spectating.

Devon Kershaw leading Kris Freeman in Semifinal 1.

Perianne Jones (left) next to Ida Sargent in Ladies Semifinal 1.

Ida leading Perianne and Liz Stephen near the end of semifinal 1.

Chandra Crawford leading semifinal 2.

Ladies’ semifinal 2.

Men’s B final.

Start of men’s final.

Andy Newell winning the men’s final.

Devon Kershaw leading Kris Freeman for 2nd and 3rd places in the men’s sprint.

Skyler Davis finishing 4th in the men’s sprint.

Liz Stephen winning the women’s B final.

Start of the ladies’ A final.

Chandra out-stretching Perianne for the win in the ladies’ race.

And just after crossing the line.

Ida Sargent finishing 3rd in the Race.

Ida broke up the Canadian sweep!

Here is video from our coaches of the day:

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