Max Bounding

Noah HoffmanOctober 2, 2012

I found a great place to do some grass skiing this morning:

Two weeks ago in Putney was my first time grass skiing. My technique coach Zach Caldwell of Caldwell Sport wanted me to try it to work on a steep running stride in classic. The first hill I did today was a good grade for long bounding, or skimming, as we call it.

The upper hill was too steep to run, even on grass. (I was actually slipping.) It was a good chance to practice herringbone technique (used while classic skiing on very steep terrain.)

I was able to glide coming down.

In total, the morning session was an hour and twenty minute run followed by ten minutes of bounding technique on skis.

This afternoon was another “foot” session, 8-10 by a set distance of about 90 seconds uphill max bounding intervals (with shoes, not skis.)

The session was only an hour total time but the intervals were brutal.

I only finished 8 intervals before the quality was degrading and I stopped the workout. US Ski Team Coach Jason Cork supported the session. We have video of both the morning and afternoon sessions which I’ll post tomorrow. Here’s the data from the afternoon session. (Keep in mind the highest heart rate I’ve ever seen is 184.)

Interval # Time Average HR (BPM) Max HR (BPM) End HR (BPM) Lactate (mmol)
1 1:32 155 166 166
Recover for 1:52; HR Down to 119
2 1:29 157 172 172
Recover for 1:51; HR Down to 123
3 1:30 159 175 175
Recover for 1:46; HR Down to 123
4 1:31 161 176 176
Recover for 2:06; HR Down to 127
5 1:29 161 176 176
Recover for 2:16; HR Down to 124
6 1:28 160 176 176
Recover for 2:21; HR Down to 126
7 1:32 161 175 175
Recover for 2:42; HR Down to 130
8 1:32 160 174 174 9.6

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