First Valley Snow

FasterSkierNovember 14, 2012
Monday morning in Mazama, WA.

Monday morning was greeted with our first snow on the valley floor.    A blanket of 4 inches covered the Methow Valley pretty uniformly from Lost River to Elbow Coulee.  

There’s not enough to ski yet, although there are groomed tracks a half-hour away at Washington Pass.

Keeping a pair of “rock skis” in the shed is a good idea if you’ve got a passion for skiing; some old skis with trashed bases that allow you to satisfy the urge to ski even though you know that there’s not enough snow on the trails.

This early drop really gets everyone wired for the imminent ski season.      It’s too late to start roller-skiing now;  it’s time to get out there in the snow!

There will be groomed tracks soon.  Are you ready?   Are your skis ready?

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