Toko: National Championship Skate Sprint Report

TokoJanuary 8, 2013
Dakota Blackhorse - von Jess winning the Skate Sprint (Gloves only)
Dakota Blackhorse – von Jess winning the Skate Sprint (Gloves only)
Today was a fun day. It was only 19f overnight which is far warmer than it had been. Not too surprisingly though, although we could tell the snow was warmer, HF Blue/Red mix was our test HF wax, JetStream Blue wax our best JetStream, and covering JetStream Blue with HelX Red was the best. So, that is what we went with. Sometimes you can’t rationalize the wax. The Blue was the fastest (especially in the high end speed). You might recall the Boulder MT Tour maybe 2 years ago where it was really warm and JetStream Blue was our best wax. Clearly in warmer conditions Red and Yellow outperform Blue, but now and then the Blue is amazing in warmer conditions where the snow doesn’t get wet. Anyway, the qualifiers went very well with some high placed (and surprising) finishers on our wax. We retested for the heats and despite it being even warmer and us being able to clearly notice moisture in the snow, JetStream Blue still tested best, especially in the high end speed (covered with HelX Red). HF Blue/Red mix was still fastest too. We did notice though that a more aggressive structure than in the am was better (more of a universal grind). The heats went well and the results were great.
Congratulations to the athletes on a really positive week. For those who are going on European trips, good luck! I also want to extend a big THANK YOU to the excellent organizers and volunteers. This Nationals went off so well. I must have heard 30 times, “I wish we could always hold Nationals here”.
For more photos, click here.
Caitlin Gregg (Wax, tools, and gloves)
Caitlin Gregg (Wax, tools, and gloves)
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