Gear West – Matt Liebsch appraises Swix Triac 1.0 poles – On Sale $299.95

Gear WestFebruary 11, 2014
Matt Liebsch talks about Swix Triac
The Swix Triac is a step forward in Nordic pole performance.  Swix’s previous top end pole was the Star Ct1 and many iterations of the Star pole were merely a facelift and/or color change.  But with the introduction of the Triac line a corner in performance was turned.
Ok, these are some of the lightest poles I have ever swung in my hands.  They are so incredibly nimble that swing weight is a non factor.  No longer is any concentration needed to swing the pole.  Turn-over happens effortlessly, I swear it feels like the shafts are filled with helium.
For how light weight a pole, the stiffness is yet more noticeable.  Swix is doing amazing things with the shaping and construction of carbon fiber.  The hybrid triangular pole shape not only looks sexy but has a purpose and function… this construction makes the Triac feel as stiff as a steel rod.  I am very aggressive in my poling and I have yet to get a “bend” out of a Triac pole.
Why didn’t this show up on the market years ago? The TBS “Triac Basket System” makes switching pole tips an easy task.  No longer do you need a heat gun and glue stick.  A few twists of a locking nut and off comes the basket.  With the TBS system there is a multitude of basket sizes to choose from and even a roller ski ferrule.  I love powder days because I can switch from my standard size basket to a snow basket in less than a minute.
The new Triac strap features the standard qualities you can expect from Swix.  The most comfortable strap on the market and durability that is unmatched.   You know Swix straps are the best when racers sponsored by “other” pole companies are using Swix straps on their race poles.
We are still talking about a thin carbon fiber tube here so pole plants between ones legs and car doors are a recipe for a broken pole.  That being said, I have raced the Triac pole in many mass start races without issue.  Numerous Italians in FIS Worldloppets have stomped on my poles from behind and they have yet to break.
Matt Liebsch
Director of Race Services

Gear West

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