National Nordic Foundation Athlete Support Grant (Press Release)

FasterSkierJuly 5, 2021

National Nordic Foundation Athlete Support Grant

Athletic excellence emerges through rigors of training, unwavering commitment, and often subsequent successes, setbacks, and revisions, that athletes experience along the way.  We recognize in our past and current champions the attitudes, drive, commitment, work ethic and determination that got them there.  While one athlete may be enjoying a rising trajectory, simultaneously an equally committed and talented athlete may be facing adversity on their pathway to the top. Our goal is the help keep both athletes on a track to future success.

The NNF Athlete Support Grant intends to boost committed athletes who exhibit or have exhibited a propensity for international racing success as a Nordic athlete, who faces circumstances critical to that mission that require financial support beyond categories captured in our pillar projects.

Strong applicants will exhibit a clear understanding of where they stand developmentally in context to international competitive excellence and how this grant will directly increase the likelihood of their personal international success.

2021/22 Grant Program is open now.  The application deadline is July 15.


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