Fischer Speedmax on Full Display

FischerFebruary 6, 2022
Fischer Speedmax Helium Skate Plus

First, and perhaps most exciting, the Speedmax Helium was introduced to the line. The new Speedmax Helium Skate Plus offers maximum performance at a revolutionary weight of only 950g thanks to new bidirectional Air Core, Helium Shield and World Cup Tip. Cold Base Bonding provides improved wax absorption and the liquid waxable sidewall made of base material offers optimal gliding properties through reduced friction.

Fischer Speedmax Skate Boot

The world class performance of the Speedmax Skate Boot starts with a world class fit for stability and efficient power transfer. A new lacing system and racing last secures the foot, while the light, strong sole and Zero Play Hinge guarantee precise, smooth movement to save valuable seconds. The RACE CODE seal confirms you’re wearing World Cup equipment.

Fischer Speedmax Classic Boot

The ultralight pro level Speedmax Classic Boot also got some love this past year. A lighter, more flexible 2-piece sole and excellent fit provides needed stability. Designed with lightweight lateral support and a smooth forward flex for the perfect bend of energy transfer and control.



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