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At twenty-seven-years-old, Canadian National Team coach Erik Bråten brings youthful energy and a spirit that fosters independence amongst his athletes. Originally from Oslo, Norway, and new to the Canadian system in November 2018, Bråten has the dual task of shepherding a crop of young Canadian talent and assisting veteran athletes like Dahira Beatty and Katherine Stweart-Jones to achieving consistent in-the-points racing on the World Cup. Recently, Bråten has helped Nordiq Canada organize and produce a series...

(Press Release) This November marks a year since Miro Segrt came to the Craftsbury Outdoor Center from Serbia to serve as our Biathlon coach. In early November, Miro will be leaving Craftsbury to move on to his next adventure. Miro brought seven years of biathlon coaching in Serbia to Craftsbury. His extensive competitive shooting experience brought a shooter’s perspective to the program, helping juniors in learning proper position, breathing, focus– and always emphasizing safety. He also improved the organization and...


The U.S. Biathlon Association is focusing resources on the future: for the first time in years, there's a development team, a recruitment camp, coaches seminars and regional development efforts. Plus, High Performance Director Bernd Eisenbichler is now the Chief of Sport, and will also oversee development - that's "why I’m staying with U.S. biathlon," he said.


When he first started coaching juniors in Crested Butte, Colo., Jason Cork didn’t exactly expect the profession to eventually take him to the U.S. Ski Team. Though his recent appointment as its men’s coach now makes the evolution from junior, to college, to elite, to national team seem like a natural progression up the domestic coaching ranks, at each step of the way he has only ever been concerned with being a good coach for...


I was not a Bill Koch League skier, so when I was first charged with supervising Craftsbury's BKL program this spring, I was at a bit of a loss for ideas. My early-skiing experience lacked emphasis on fun that I always associate with BKL programs. Sure, I'd seen the occasional BKL practice at the Weston Ski Track, but I never paid much attention. In retrospect I wish I had. Now that I've been hanging around the small ones for a few months, I figure I've picked up a few things worth passing along.