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On the second day of U.S. nationals in Houghton, Mich., Reese Hanneman topped defending champ Dakota Blackhorse-von Jess by 0.35 seconds in the freestyle sprint. After winning the qualifier, Hanneman continued his winning streak straight through to the final. Two Canadians reached the final, Julien Locke and Evan Palmer-Charrette, as did Fredrik Schwenke and Miles Havlick.

Skate Super Tour November 27-28, 2015 Conditions: Hard packed corduroy with sub zero Fahrenheit temperatures. Lows both nights exceeded -15 degrees F with low humidity. Sprint loop became a little sugary on the surface with many skiers on course, but maintained its firm base. Distance loop stayed hard packed on Sunday throughout the entire day. Temperature during the races was warming through the teens. Toko Wax Used: Both days- Paraffin Toko HF Blue with X-Cold...

Out of six U.S. Ski Team members who advanced to the heats in Thursday's World Championships classic sprint, Sophie Caldwell and Simi Hamilton went the farthest, making it to the semifinals before finishing 10th and 12th, respectively. Andy Newell placed 17th and rookie Dakota Blackhorse-von Jess led his quarterfinal at one point before ending up 30th overall. Sadie Bjornsen was 19th and Ida Sargent placed 29th.