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Groundbreaking Ceremony Held Today, Friday, June 13   Truckee, Calif. (June 13, 2014) – With recent agency approvals, Tahoe Donner Association commemorated the official commencement of construction for the new Cross Country Ski Center today, Friday, June 13, with a groundbreaking ceremony. Staff and supporters gathered to celebrate the long-awaited opportunity for overdue improvements at the new Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Center and parking lot, which are designed to improve operational and energy efficiencies, while implementing necessary...


The U.S. Biathlon Association is focusing resources on the future: for the first time in years, there's a development team, a recruitment camp, coaches seminars and regional development efforts. Plus, High Performance Director Bernd Eisenbichler is now the Chief of Sport, and will also oversee development - that's "why I’m staying with U.S. biathlon," he said.

(Press release) The NENSA Elite and Development team nominee lists represents athletes who have had success on a Regional, National and International level this past winter. These teams exist as a program to aid in the appropriate development of top athletes toward the goal of international excellence. To find out more about the teams and the selection criteria go to http://www.nensa.net/elite/ Congratulations to all of the athletes on their accomplishments this winter. 2014-2015 NENSA Elite...


Switzerland has a population just a bit smaller than the state of Virginia, and despite the Alps and Jura mountains faces some of the same challenges in developing World Cup skiers that you might find in North America. We chatted with Swiss U24 coach Christian Flury, formerly of Alberta World Cup Academy, about how his squad represents his country's future, and how he manages it.

Continuing with the athlete development theme recently, here’s a graph showing the age at which a skier races in their first WC versus their overall median WC result: For fairly obvious reasons, you have read this fairly carefully, particularly at the more extreme ages. I wouldn’t pay much attention to either panel past the age [...] Related posts:

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I got a request for some similar graphs from my podium development posts, but focused more on the domestic scene. So, for example, we had this graph: This showed the age at which future WC podium finishers achieved a particular milestone. So let’s turn to just US and Canadian skiers who have simply participated in [...] Related posts:

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As promised from last time, here we have the detailed development plots for sprinting. First the men: And the women: As before, these are big, so click on them for the full versions. Also, remember that if you don’t see a line indicating one of the events, that’s because two or more events happened at [...] Related posts:

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As promised from last time, I’m going to show you the un-aggregated data from Tuesday’s plots. This means we’re going to have some big graphs, bigger than I typically think is useful, but no matter. I’ve plotted FIS points versus age for each of the male and female skiers with a podium result in a [...] Related posts:

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I happened to be thinking about visualizations of athlete development recently, and in the process cooked up the following graph: What I’ve done here is to take the podium finishers in major international events for the past five seasons and recorded each person’s age when they received their first (individual) WC/OWG/WSC start, when they scored [...] Related posts:

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Everyone wants to nab podiums at the World Cup level, which means everyone can be pretty fascinated with the development characteristics of those skiers who end up on the podium. Here’s yet another way to slice that. If we take the skiers who’ve attained at least one podium result at the WC level between 2006-2007 [...] Related posts:

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The never ending question! A commenter asked about this the other day, and I’m happy to oblige, despite the fact that I’ve covered this general topic several times before. The difficulties with extrapolating from WJC results start with the fact that they comprise at most 2-3 races from a skier’s entire season. And the posts [...] Related posts:

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A quick follow up to my previous post on the same topic for women. Swap Germany for Russia, and otherwise the answer is largely unchanged: Once again, this is the number of skiers born since 1988 who’s best FIS points results last season averaged better than 50 FIS points. I used a more strict cutoff [...] Related posts:

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