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 (translated from langrenn.com “Marit er i en annen liga” and “Dette gir selvtillit” 11-15-09) Kikkan Randall had a very impressive 4th place finish this morning in the Beitostolen classic, ensuring a bit of variety in the otherwise Norwegian-stacked top 5.  Marit Bjorgen won the race with a crushing 23 second lead in the 5km race, which was just over 14 minutes long.  This  followed her strong win yesterday and prompted  her teammate Marthe Kristofferson, 25 seconds back...


FasterSkierNovember 1, 2009

Train, Eat, Sleep.  Train, Eat, Sleep.  Thats what people always talk about on training camps.  That’s all you do.  Sometimes you mix it up, but that’s the basic formula. We hear a lot about the training, and I won’t get into that now.  We don’t hear too much about the eating and sleeping though, so I’m [...]