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In confirming the lurid details of a state-sponsored doping scandal in Russian track and field, WADA's Dick Pound made clear, "We don’t think that Russia is the only country with a doping problem, or that athletics is the only sport with a doping problem." He also discussed how results from the 2014 Olympics in Sochi may be tainted, and said there is likely doping in cross-country skiing and biathlon.


You might not know what Sport Accord is, but the systematic behind-the-scenes and now public dismantling of the former association of international Olympic and non-Olympic sports federations has shown IOC President Bach's ruthless side. The positive aspects of his reform agenda had better be substantial and followed to their best conclusion.

LAUSANNE, Switzerland—In 20 minutes of self-directed comments to the press yesterday, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach did not address the scandal rocking the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), where high-ranking soccer officials were arrested by Swiss authorities based on corruption charges brought by the United States Department of Justice. But Bach did make sure to point out the improvements in governance that have taken place at the IOC in the last 15...


FIS Anti-Doping Coordinator Sarah Fussek says that her federation is in the very early stages of harmonizing their Athlete Biological Passport testing protocol with other winter sports federations, with a possible end result of the IOC taking over all testing at the Olympics. This would allow FIS to do more testing at other events in Olympic years.


What happens when you live in a ski-crazy country and have a breakout race on home soil? We talked to Roman Schaad, a 20-year-old Swiss sprinter who shot into the top 10 in his very first World Cup in Davos last December. That day, it took him 2 hours to finish interviews before he could go home - to his apartment literally next to the finish line. Sponsors and an Olympic appearance followed.


Finnish skier Tero Similä has tested positive for the blood-doping drug EPO. While the case will likely put Finland back in the spotlight again after the 2001 disqualifications of six top athletes at World Championships for the same offense, Similä wasn't on the national team and one possibility is that he turned to doping to try to make the Olympic team (he did not).


Austrian cross country skier Johannes Dürr says that he began taking EPO in June, after pressure to support his family became too much to bear. He says he acquired it from the former Yugoslavia. Meanwhile, the Austrian Ski Federation is considering kicking cross-country skiing out of the snow sports conglomerate after two scandals in three Olympics.