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This is another installment of the “where you should be right now and hopefully you were able to heed this very sage advice and have since logged copious k’s. Since unlike the rest of you losers, I work for a living, so I couldn’t just sit around Bend skiing, excruciating detail, but if you somehow manage to goof this up, have no fear, as the “snow window” is still open. If you really want to go...


In this first of a new, very occasional series, we offer some guidance and recommendations for how to plan a trip to off-season snow. Where to stay, how to get there, how much it might cost, what the snow is like, and how to avoid a few local headaches - there's no need for every skier to reinvent the wheel on a training trip. First up, Passo dello Stelvio in Italy.


Snow conditions in Australia and New Zealand are extremely good at the moment. Following early snow falls in June, the major Cross-Country Skiing resorts in the two countries have been grooming tracks regularly for over a month now. There is a base of over half a meter of snow in both countries. In Australia club competitions have been held the last two weekends at Falls Creek and at Perisher Valley, while at the Snow Farm in New...