An interview with North America's top skier, Beckie Scott

FasterSkierDecember 9, 2002

FasterSkier recently had a chance to ask Beckie a few questions before
her latest World Cup races in Sweden.
OK a few questions about the situation before
the first World Cup race. What's the hardest thing about traveling to
Europe and compete there?
Beckie Scott: For me, the hardest thing is the jet-lag.
I am not a good sleeper at the best of times and it takes me forever to
adjust and start feeling normal over here. [Ed. Note: Beckie said she
did not sleep well until two days before her recent 4th place World Cup

What's the best and worst about Norwegian and Swedish food?
BS:In Norway, the most appealing food item one can find
there is a polse (european hot dog) from a highway gas station. They also
have the world's best lattes on the arrivals floor of the airport – not
departures, arrivals. In both countries, the worst thing has got to be
the boiling factor. You have to be very happy if you can find something
on your plate that hasn't been boiled beyond recognition.

Any advice for North Americans making the trip for the first
BS:Try to co-ordinate your training times around english
tv programming.

FS: You read about the Norwegian women's team press conference
– what did you think?
BS:I thought it was a great publicity event for them
and I admire anyone in the sport who wants to do something like that to
try and bring some excitement and pizzazz to the image. [Ed note: Beckie
and the Candian women's team are well known for their tastefully done
"Nordic Nudes" calendar a few years back]

Can you describe for us Kiruna and the skiing there?
Kiruna is(at the moment) cold, windy, very dark, and the skiing
is not that good. There is not enough snow to set a classic track, so
any track that there is is just skied in. For the relay, they tried to
set a classic track, but it was all over the place. North Americans would
be complaining like crazy if this was in North America, but over here,
it's par for the course.

FS: The last workout what did you do and how did you
BS:My last work-out was here in Ruka, Finland and it
was an intervals session – hard, but not too hard, around the race course.

FS: Strategy for the race?
BS: My hope is that it is not too cold to race here –
so if it does go, it will still be very cold, in which case what to wear
and how to prepare for the race will definately be a factor. Otherwise
my strategy will be to get it done with as quickly as possible so I can
go somewhere else to warm up!

FS: Lots of doping talk in the papers. Any comments?

BS: The most recent talk of doping (about
the 1994 Norwegian Team
) turned out to unsubstantiated, so I haven't

paid much attention to it since hearing that.


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