Gallivare Reports From TeamToday

FasterSkierNovember 25, 2008

Great photos and commentary from the past weekend’s World Cup races – from Pete Vordenberg on TeamToday…





Gällivare Relay





Gällivare Skate Race

…and a fall report from US Development Team athlete Liz Stephen…

“One foot in front of the other, over and over. A foot clipped into a pedal that goes in circle after circle. A day of free throws, the glide of a ski, the volley of a ball, hitting a home run. The simplicity of sport. It is the, “how do you become the best” question, answered in it’s simplest terms; you train. You put one foot in front of the other for hours on end, pedal in a circle until you crest the hill, stand at the plate and hit, stand at the free throw line and shoot. We repeat a movement over and over until it becomes almost more natural than walking.”

Sport in its Simplicity


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