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FasterSkierApril 5, 2011
We are constantly exploring new wax formulations. Now we are developing new waxes with completely new raw materials.

Some Good Stuff on the Way in a Couple of Years

I just returned from product development meetings in Switzerland. As a company, we meet a few times each year to look at opportunities to go in new directions and take advantage of opportunities. The World Cup race service team is there as well as the team of scientists.  Additionally there are representatives from the major markets.  There is always a great synergy and passion.  There were follow ups on initiatives that were taken since the last meeting.  Also, some new ideas.  Most exciting are some new products that involve some new technologies (new raw materials that nobody else has).  Good stuff!


Summer Storage Waxing

Here are Toko’s recommendations for storage waxing of skis.  First, brush the base out with a copper brush. Then drip on a generous amount of System3 or LF Red. Iron it in making sure that there is enough wax to provide a thick layer on the base and that the iron is hot enough to ensure a good bond between the wax and the base. This ironing procedure is normal, but sometimes a person rushes through storage waxing and the wax is not really heated outside of that it becomes liquid. The ski bases often times don’t even become warm. This will result in air between the base and the ski and less protection.


Red is our choice for storage waxing as Blue is so hard that it is more difficult to make sure that there is no air between the ski and base and Yellow is so soft that it gets “eaten away” quicker. System3 Red is good, but LF Red is even better as

its consistency is perfect. If waxing skis or a board with metal edges, slop the wax over the edges and cover them too.



1. Brush skis out well with Copper Brush

2. Iron in System3 Red or LF Red making sure adequate wax is used and

that the wax is heated in well.


That's Cheever up front in red. Photo credit: Cheever's mom.

Cheever Takes 3rd in Overall SBX World Cup!

Read about it in his blog at


Ian Harvey, Toko USA

See you on the Flip Side!

It was an epic season.  The US had a super winter in terms of snow coverage. The industry posted some very good numbers.  Toko USA had an all time record year (and the 4th in 4 years).  The US had some solid results internationally in all disciplines. Gotta love it!


This is the final Toko eBlast for the season. Thanks for your interest!  We’ll leave you alone until the late fall unless something remarkable happens.


Have a good one!


Ian Harvey

Toko USA


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