Deadline Extended: Boulder Nordic Sport 2019 Hand-Selected Ski Orders

Deadline pushed back to May 15

If you’re still thinking about getting hand-picked skis for next season, you have just a couple more weeks. We’ve extended our deadline to place an order back to Wednesday, May 15.

Boulder Nordic Sport is heading out for our annual Spring trip to hand-pick skis. In addition to hand-selecting skis for next year’s inventory, we will be selecting Madshus Redline 2.0, Fischer Speedmax, Rossignol X-ium Premium, and Salomon S/Lab skis specifically for customers who place their orders by the May 1 deadline.

BNS selects all top-tier skis by hand to ensure the highest quality inventory anywhere. For customers who order before the picking trip, the BNS staff will select skis with precisely the characteristics requested by the skier— just like a World Cup athlete and at no additional cost.

To place an order, call 877-BNS-SKIS or contact us via and let one of BNS’ expert staff walk you through the process. Just be sure you get in touch by May 1, 2019 so we have time to get you in our pick list before we leave. The process is simple: call us, we get to know where you’re skiing, what you’re looking for and how it should fit in with your existing skis, if relevant. We’ll make some suggestions for skis and stone grinds, confirm your order and then charge a small deposit. The remainder of the balance is paid when the skis ship in the fall.

If you missed our last ​newsletter​ or our recent blog posts, we’ve highlighted a great deal of the new gear that is coming for 2019-2020. Here are a few more details on next season’s skis:

Madshus Redline 2.0 Classic

Madshus Redline 2.0 Classic skis are an evolution of the wildly successful Redline classic ski with a stiffened transition from the bridge (center) of the ski to the tips and tails. The Redline is known for its abundantly available kick and silky smooth glide. It is definitely one of our favorites and our customers constantly tell us how much they love them.

Madshus Redline 2.0 Skate

The Redline 2.0 skate skis have a completely redesigned shape and camber profile that makes them radically different from the previous generation of Redlines. In our experience, the skis have been incredibly smooth and stable, managing well in all conditions. Racers gave us similar feedback and we are seeing great performances on Redline 2.0 skate skis.

Fischer Speedmax 3D Skate

We were lucky enough to demo the new Fischer Speedmax 3D with Gliding Sidewalls this winter and were really impressed. The updated Speedmax is lighter, has a lower and stiffer camber, and a “Gliding Sidewall” that can help make up that fraction of a second at the finish line. These sidewalls are different than the P-Tex clad skis of the ‘80s, featuring a slick, lightweight material that can be waxed with a liquid to reduce friction resistance on surfaces that contact snow.

With a reduced overall ski weight, this new generation of Speedmax was developed with the most successful World Cup racers to be the lightest and fastest ever built. It is available in both World Cup Plus and Cold options. After skiing it this winter, we agree that the new Fischer Speedmax is the lightest and fastest ever.

Fischer Speedmax 3D Classic

The Fischer Speedmax 3D Classic has been updated with a “Gliding Sidewall” that features a slick, lightweight material that can be waxed with a liquid to reduce friction resistance on surfaces that contact snow. Designed to World Cup standards, the Speedmax 3D Classic have a reduced overall ski weight, with better waxing and grindability for maximum speed. It is available in both Plus 902 and Plus 812 options. We expect to be able to find some special cold skis on our ski selection trip as well.

Rossignol X-IUM Skate Premium

Rossignol’s Premium Skate ski has been well-received by everyone: elite athletes, BNS staff, and our customers all agree that it is a great ski. Rossignol made a big step up when it introduced the Premium Skate and the evolution continues to impress. Lightweight, stable and snappy, Rossi Premium Skate are a lively ski that is worth considering, especially for those who want help with V2 and stability.

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