Pete Vordenberg and Chad Salmela remember Nikolai Annikin.. From Pete: I met Nikolai and Antonina at the USOC in Marquette where they were coaching.  Over the years I spent up there I was fortunate enough to receive some coaching and advice while an athlete both at NMU and the USOC from Nikolai and Antonina.  I was not one of their athletes but I did seek out their advice and advice was freely given.  It was...

Team Today: First Ten Days

We are using these races and the first part of this period for training and race preparation. But don’t think that means we don’t do anything other than race as fast and hard as we can. Because that is what we’re doing. Training has been very solid, nothing crazy, just solid good training.

TeamToday: Transitions

“…I am in Denmark right now, on the way to Mora, Sweden from Munich and then on to Norway with the team van.  The transition time is near if it isn’t here already.  HC Holmberg talks about making over 100 transitions per 10km race… And this larger scale transition is similar and similarly trainable.  From dryland to snow, from the USA to Europe, from low altitude to high and back to low again.”

TeamToday: Season Review

Here is a short review of the season. You will see that the review of last season blends quickly into plans for this and the next. We are always engaged in analysis. While waxing skis, while skiing, while driving, late night, at meals, via email nonstop we look at this thing and by spring the next summer already has shape, the next season has dates and locations and pencil marks in the margins. In review...

416 days until the 2010 Games. 8 weeks and days until the 2009 World Championships. 5 weeks and days until Junior Worlds/U-23. Outcome goal: podiums. Process goal: Make each day count – train well, rest well, stay healthy, give everything. The season is off to a solid start. We believed our preparation would have given us a few better results in the first period of both the World Cup and Continental Cup. Never the less...