July 2002 Training Wrap – Up

FasterSkierDecember 9, 2002

July training was discussed in my three Norway reports posted last month so
I will focus on Gordon's July experience and what to do in August.
I would like to add though that I adopted the new Norwegian food lifestyle
during the last week over there and quickly gained seven pounds (!) that have
made me struggle a little in my training since returning to Utah.
The reason for the sudden (weight) increase was not only falling for the temptations
at the gas stations or open all night snack stores but also Family Reunion!
It's hard not to gain weight when you have the following conversation with one
of your siblings at one of the two daily coffee and cake get togethers:
– Did you make that home-made strawberry ice cream cake with whipped cream and
– Yes, isn't it delicious? Have another piece before you try the chocolate cake
and the waffles!
– Sure, I can always stuff it down with a garden rake to make room for more
so why don't you pass me the tray with chocolate bites as well, thanks!
Gaining weight is easy, loosing it is hard!

Gordon's July Training
I can't say that July was the most productive training month I have had in my
life. In fact far from it. In the beginning of the month I was hit with some
kind of flue bug I picked up from my kids. Just when I thought I was getting
better it hit me from behind, literally, for round two. Just after the flue
escapade I was very involved in trying to get the first shipment of PRO-SKI
roller skis through customs and out to our (mostly) very patient customers.
I was back in Utah holding down the fort at the newly started TorbjornSport
while Torbjorn himself was in Norway getting fat.
In mid July I did make it up to Jackson but instead of the big vertical runs
I had intended to get, I got a bad cold from my kids and I am just now (at the
end of the month) getting over that. Thinking now that I would be able to log
some consistent training I went out with my wife (last week) who is in damn
good shape and not wanting to be out done I may have over done it and wound
up in the Emergency room getting my heart checked out. To make a long story
short it wasn't a heart attack. Despite the seriousness in having to be checked
out due to chest pain it also had its lighter side. The Doctor on call kept
coming in wanting to talk about all the weight he had lost the past year and
various training procedures. He said he was thrilled to see some in there that
was not over-weight, and also looked to be in good shape!
I am not going to worry about the lost training. What is gone is gone and can
not be made up in my opinion. I was able to log a few long sessions which kept
the muscles tuned and I do have some interesting projects for August. First
I will be doing a lot of intensity with the Juniors I coach. We will try to
do at least two hard sessions a week. I will also be heading into the Wind River
Mountains for the epic Three Highest Peaks in Wyoming in August. This is a Three
Days Thing I have been working on for the last couple years. I feel right now
the down hill walking muscles are not up to speed, but I still got a couple
weeks to prepare.
Once again I'm not too concerned about the inconsistent month. I can fall back
onto a fairly healthy base, and if I stay healthy I should be fine by winter.
With solid August training September to December this winter should be better
than ever!

July Training Suggestions

It's time to increase the rollerskiing. Those hours of involving all your leg,
stomach and upper body ski muscles in both classic and skate rollerskiing are
paying back tenfold come ski season and race time. Rollerskiing can't be replaced
(by anything but skiing) and makes the transition to snow smooth and the ski
training efficient from day one.
If you wonder why you are left behind in races despite having biked and done
your running all year – try rollerskiing!

Distance Training
In addition to your regular length distance workouts try to get in two workouts
that are longer than two hours. Get tired from the length of these sessions,
not by the intensity.

Quality Sessions.
I'm suggesting 7 – 9 interval and time trial sessions this month. The breakdown
should be one rollerski time trial, one running time trial and 5-7 interval
As last month avoid going all out in the interval sessions. If you are doing
five intervals in a session, let interval number one be easy, interval two and
three medium to hard and number four and five with a solid hard effort.
Two of these sessions can be done in flat or very easy terrain and the rest
in rolling terrain or uphills.
Examples of quality sessions:
– Rollerski intervals in rolling terrain or uphill: 2-3-4-2-3 minutes with 1/2
to equal recovery between intervals.
– Running intervals: 4-4-3-3 minutes.
– Rollerski time trial, 6-8K. Don't start with all out effort. Gradually pick
it up and try to have something left for the last 2-3K's.
– Running time trial 4-7K

Strength, Speed
and Explosiveness
Read the May and June articles for suggestions.

For your rollerski
and wax needs go to: www.torbjornsport.com

To learn more about XC ski training: come to one of the FasterSkier
training camps
Far West members should also consider the September Weekend camp with Nancy
Fiddler and myself at Auburn Ski Club. The West Yellowstone fall Camp at Thanksgiving
is also well worth it.
For more info: look under camps on this site.
Have fun, rollerski with a helmet and get ready for the winter,


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