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Since 2002, FasterSkier has prided itself in being the world’s premier source of English-language news and resources related to all things nordic: cross-country skiing, biathlon and nordic combined. We are a web-based publication, bringing both the rigor of a daily newspaper and the passion of a niche magazine to our work.
Cross-country skiing is a family oriented, healthy activity for people of all ages.  photo: Fischer
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Our readers are passionate about all endurance sports, which of course includes cross-country skiing, but also cycling, running, triathlon, paddling and the associated healthy lifestyle. They appreciate great products and are willing to spend money on quality. Ranging from elite racers to beginners, FasterSkier readers span all ages and participate in a variety of outdoor activities year round. Our visitors are also extremely loyal and our base is growing at an unprecedented rate.
                    Yearly total page views: 3,554,074

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People within the ski industry tell us repeatedly that EVERY skier they talk with visits FasterSkier regularly.

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