The Nor-Am circuit cranks up the action in BC, Canada!

FasterSkierDecember 9, 2002

Thursday: 10 and 15km Classic. The scenario. Wednesday the course skied perfectly with a cold klister covered with a mid range hard wax. The snow was ground up ice, and although soft, the track was holding. I know that it was ground up ice because I had skied the same snow a week before when it was hard as cement. Sovereign Lakes and Silver Star resort have done an excellent job of making good conditions out of scarce amounts of snow. Most racers and coaches likely went to bed confident that Thursday’s morning race would present more of the same.

I have a potential new rule for classic race waxing in most climates. (Ruling out frigid Alaska and the dry air of the rocky mountain region.) If you are sure that you know the next mornings kick wax than surely it will be something different.


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