US Masters Nationals Photo Gallery

FasterSkierFebruary 28, 2003 is helping bring the 2003 US Masters Nationals home to you. It was a wild and windy first day at Glen Alps outside Anchorage, Alaska.

For a complete report and results, go to <

For lots of pictures, check this page after every race.

<Feb 23 – National Masters Classic Race Photo Gallery
I apologize for the lack of women's pictures from Day 1. I was busy kick waxing during the women's race.
<Feb 23 – Classic Race Results

<Feb 25 – National Masters Freestyle Race Photo Gallery
Today I missed most of the M7+ men due to coaching duties, but I got plenty of pictures of the rest of you.
<Feb 25 – Freestyle Race Results

<Feb 26 – National Masters Sprint Relay Photo Gallery
My photography skills and my camera struggle with action shots at night. There are a few blurry, a few dark, and a few that turned out ok!
<Feb 26 – Sprint Relay Results

<Feb 28 – National Masters Pursuit Photo Gallery
<Feb 28 – Pursuit Results

If anyone wants full size digital versions of any of these pictures, please <email me at Fasterskier. Also if you think I may have taken a picture of you, but you don't see it in the gallery, email me and I'll look for it. I have posted about half of the pictures I took. Mostly the better ones.

You are welcome to copy and use these photos for your own interests, but please ask for permission before taking any for commercial use.

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