World Juniors Classic Race Results

FasterSkierFebruary 6, 2003

It was a Finnish girl who won the Ladies 5K Classic Race today. Mona-Lisa Malvalehto won the fifteen minute race by a whopping 26 seconds over Tuesday's 15K Skate winner Ekaterina Vorotsova of Russia. The Russia team was again very strong, as Elena Plotzskaja of Russia took third. Canadian Daria Gaiazova had the top North American finish for the day, in 16th place, less than a minute out. 2002 Olympian Lindsey Weier had her second top twenty race, finishing 19th.
Other North Americans:
31 Alison Crocker USA
40 Madeleine Williams CAN
42 Kristina Trygstaad-Saari USA
48 Perianne Jones CAN
58 Lindsay Williams USA
<Ladies 5K Classic Results

In the Mens/Boys 10K Classic, the Russians also had a good day. The 30K Skate Bronze medalist, Eugeni Dementiev of Russia moved up to Gold, winning by 29 seconds over YevgenlyKoschevoy of Kazakstan. Dementiev had an impressive breakway in the skate race on Tuesday, and actually led by 50 seconds early in the race, before running out of steam to fall back to third. But today, he only needed to go 10K instead of 30 and he held on to his lead. Maxim Bulgakov (Russia) was third. The top North American was Leif Zimmerman of Bozeman, Montana in 26th place.
Other North Americans:
34 David Nighbor CAN
42 Ryan Foster USA
44 Bryan Cook USA
51 Andrew Newell USA
61 Sean Crooks CAN
65 Cyrus Kangarloo CAN
<Mens 10K Classic Results


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