What Equipment Do World Cup Racers Use For Skiathlon

FasterSkierMarch 3, 2003

The equipment exchange in the newest version of the pursuit races (currently called double pursuit or skiathlom)is very simple. The rules for the race only require that the skiers change skis at the halfway point in the race.

In practical terms here at the World Championship, most of the top athletes ski the first part (classical part) using their classical skis, classical poles and a newly made combination boot. Nearly all boot manufacturers now make a racing combi boot. This boot has lower ankle support than a skating boot, but has a calf that can be closed (velcro) to give a little better support when skating. The boot is also a bit softer than the familiar skating boot.

The Salomon/Adidas boots has two metal bars in the sole so it can be used with both Pilot and Profil bindings. The NNN boots, made by Alpina, Rossignol and others, use the same binding system for skate and classic, but with different stiffness in the flexors.

Some skiers also skied the first classical part using their skate boots.

Their skating skis and skating poles are left in the “pit box”, ready to be used for the second part of the race. The bindings are left open, and the pole straps in an open position as well. All skiers switch both skis and poles, although only a ski switch is required. Noone were switching boots here at the World Championship.

So in summary, the only “new” equipment here at the Championships is the “combi” boot, which by the way is selling for over $400 in the stores (if found). The boot companies are not promoting this new combi boot, and would rather continue to sell both classical and skate boots to the general skier.


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