FasterSkier Announces News Stream XML/RSS Feeds

FasterSkierMay 23, 2003

FasterSkier Announces News Stream

Now you can have the latest news and articles on your
website. It's free and simple to use!

There are two ways to use the News Stream, depending on your level of
programming expertise. If you have questions or problems with any of this,
please let us know and we can help you get set

EASY WAY– Cut and paste
the following code into your homepage HTML:

<script src=""

It will look like this:


RSS 2.0:
RSS 0.91:

Only want to display training articles? Or only want to display
a certain series of articles? No problem. You can use the following
URL attributes to customize your News Stream.

All of these URL attributes can be used with both the ‘EASY’ stream
and the RSS stream.

Sections: To show only articles in a certain section of, all it takes is adding a section=#
attribute after headlines.php.
If you want to show only News:
<script src=""
If you want to show only Racing articles:
<script src=""
If you want to show only Training articles:
<script src=""

Feature Series: Want to display a certain series of Feature
Articles? Use the series attribute:
<script src=""
Using series = 1, as shown here, will display articles from
the "The Hunt For Gold By Bjorn Daehlie" series. Browse
all the Feature Series on this page.

Description: By default, the News Stream displays only the
title of each article. But if you want to display a short introduction
for each article as well, use the desc=1 attribute:
<script src=""
If desc equals anything other than ‘1’ , the description will not
be displayed.

Limit: By default, the News Stream displays the six (6)
most recent articles. But if you want to display a different number
of articles, use the limit attribute:
<script src=""

This will display the most recent 10 articles in the Bjorn Daehlie

Target: If your website uses frames, or if you want the
FasterSkier articles to open in a new window, you can use the target
<script src=""

This attibute works in exactly the same way as the HTML target attribute
does. You can put target=whateveryouwant
in the URL string.


Want to access our News Stream using ATOM or other News Aggregator?

Use our Feedburner Feed:

Or show the following Feedburner image by pasting this code into
your page: Latest Articles

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